cPanel to cPanel Account Migration

How to migrate an account from one cPanel server to another cPanel server

  1. Remove the cPanel skeleton files from (or rename the folder on) the destination server before transfer or they will be inserted into the site files.
  2. Disable DKIM and SPF (under Account Functions -> Modify Account) on account before transfer if possible - these DNS records do not automatically update - check DNS record thoroughly after transfer.
  3. Login to destination server WHM
    1. Click on "Transfer Tool" under "Transfers" in the left menu
    2. Enter the originating serve'rs IP address or FQDN under "Remote Server Address (IP address or FQDN):"
    3. Enter the correct port (usually 22 or 2200) under "Remote SSH port"
    4. Under "Login" - check "root" unless you do not have root access
    5. Under "Authentication Method" - check "Password"
    6. Under "Root Password" - enter the root password for the originating server
    7. Click "Fetch account list"
    8. Check/uncheck "Give New Account an IP Address" depending on if the account needs a static IP or not
    9. Check "Express Transfer" if you are moving the site from one server to another in the same DNS cluster
    10. Click "Copy"
  4. Note: if you cannot use this method, check your firewall settings or use the "Copy an Account From Another Server with an account password" option - you will not be able to do an express DNS migration using this method.
  5. Once the copy is complete, log into the source server and verify the account is suspended (Account Information -> Suspended Accounts)
  6. Cleanup tasks on the target server
    1. In File Manager, delete skeleton files or renamed skeleton directory if necessary
    2. Verify new IP address and other DNS entries
  7. Update server name and IP address in Garage
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