cPanel VPS - cPremote backup software installation

Installation of cPremote

  • You need a Linux cPanel server running latest stable release of cPanel (11.32 or higher)
  • Your server needs CPPHP with ioncube enabled
Create a licence key within the CyberBasement reseller account on cPremote's website
  • Login to the account and enter the IP address of the server and create the license  
Install cPremote
  • Download the tar file cpremote.X.Y.tar.gz from where X.Y is the latest version
  • Upload tar file to server root
  • Login to server via SSH (root user)
  • Enter cd .. to get to server root
  • Enter tar -xzf cpremote.X.Y.tar.gz (note: replace X.Y with the version number)
  • Enter cd cpremote/
  • Enter ./
  • After the install has finished - remove the tar file from the server

Configure Backup

  • Go to WHM->Plugins -> cPanel Remote Backup -> Configure Backup . Here you can configure backup settings:
    • Enable Backup = Yes
    • Enable Email Notification =
    • Rsync Path = /opt/rsync/bin/rsync
    • Daily Backup Retention = unchecked
    • Weekly Backup Retention = unchecked
    • Monthly Backup Retention = unchecked
    • Enable 7 days Backup Retention = all days of the week checked
    • Backup configuration files = unchecked
    • Backup configuration dirs= unchecked
    • Full mysql Database backup= unchecked
    • Backup Storage Location = Remote SSH Account
    • Remote Storage Server SSH IP (buford - backup server) =
    • Remote SSH Username = servers
    • Remote SSH Port = 22
    • Remote Storage User Home (example: /backups/servers/host21) = /backups/servers/server_name
    • Local Storage Folder = /backup

Configure Backup Public Key in remote ssh account

  • Go to WHM->Plugins -> cPanel Remote Backup -> Your Backup Public Key and follow the procedure mentioned in that website to setup public key for backup ssh account.
  • Add this key to the authorized_keys file on buford in the following directory: /backups/servers/.ssh
  • Manually create the backup directory (the one you specified under "Configure backup") on buford named after the server in: /backups/servers

Run a manual backup update to test if it is working

  • Login to the server via SSH (root user)
  • Enter cd .. to get the the root directory
  • Enter /scripts/cpremotebackup
How to change the backup time
  • You may change the following cron time
  • 0 1 * * * /scripts/cpremotebackup

How to enable backup for Multiple Home folder

  • You may need to add your home folders mount point names n to the file /etc/cpremote/userhomes.txt. See an example below, It is the default settings.
    • /home
    • /home1
    • /home2
    • /home3
  • This option will enable multiple home folder feature.
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